Payment Plans and Options

ALL of the details!

Through years of working with clients of all backgrounds and budgets of all sizes, Amber Lane Photo has made getting the images you want as easy and stress-free as possible! We have several ways to pay and can combine most of them, as well.
Cash or Credit Card
We accept cash, as well as most major credit cards in our studio. We can also accept payment via electronic transfer (PayPal, Venmo, CashApp).
PayPal Credit
PayPal Credit allows you to pay for your photos at Amber Lane Photo in full while making payments to PayPal over time. There is no money down the day of your session with this option, and no interest for 6 months in most cases. You can learn more about PayPal Credit here.
Amber Lane Photo allows clients to pay for their images in-full or in convenient installations before the day of their session. 
  • Installations, or our "Piggy Bank" option, can be set up as recurring invoices that are automatically emailed on your payday or can be sent in any amount at your discretion and held in our studio as "credit" for your photos the day of your session.
  • Pre-payment of your package in full can be done via Cash, Card, or PayPal Credit. We offer 10% off AND an 11x14 canvas for pre-paid-in-full (at least five days before your session date) orders. Contact us here to take advantage of this deal!
Post-Session Payment Plan
We offer the opportunity for our clients to pay off their images over time after their session with our easy in-studio payment plan option. With this option, you pay your deposit the day of your session and are set up with automatic invoices that are sent out on days we agree on during your same-day viewing and ordering session. These payment plans can be paid as far as six months out after your session, and images are edited and sent to you after your final payment is cleared. There is no credit check for this option.
Curious what the minimum payment on your desired package would be? Use our handy calculator below to see how much you would need on-hand the day of your session to take advantage of our easy post-session payment plan!
View packages and add-ons here! Make sure to add all desired items to your "package price" field for an accurate deposit quote!
Due to the custom nature of our work, all sales and payments (including our piggy-bank option) are final. 

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