Bring on the (Boudoir) Party!

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

If I get asked for ANYTHING the most, it's definitely "can my friend and I book together?"

I get it! Boudoir sessions are FUN and it sounds like a great way to spend a day with your best friends!

Up until now, I haven't had a way to make this happen properly. HOWEVER, I worked hard, talked with my stylists, and I found out a way to bring you boudoir parties!

It seemed like the easiest thing to do was to make these sessions very similar to my regular boudoir sessions, so that's exactly what I did! Rather than the regular fee of $299, however, I'm booking each person for only $199. That fee covers:

:: Professional Hair and Makeup

:: Two outfit changes and use of our Props and Accessories Closet

:: Light Snacks and Refreshments

:: Same Day Viewing and Ordering

:: $100 Credit towards the Package of your Choice

::Personalized Payment Plan Guidance

So how does all this work? I'll walk you through it, step-by-step.

To book your session, you'll just contact me (Amber Lane!) and we can find a date that works for you and your party! We will require a non-refundable deposit/session fee of $199 per person, which covers everything mentioned above, as well as basic set up, customer service, resources, and more.

We like to keep parties anywhere from 2-4 people. This is so we have ample time to spend quality attention on each participant, and also because of limited space here in the studio. Once we have you booked and have contact information for each participant, you will receive an informational email, questionnaire, and a contract to sign. These help let you know everything you'll need to prepare and to help us make the best of our time together! While this is a fun event to enjoy together, each person will be treated to their own individual, personalized experience when they're in front of my camera, and this helps us make sure that happens.

We start around 10am or 11am, depending on how many people are in your party. This allows us to take the time we need to get some great shots, and means you can go out and enjoy your evening after having your hair and makeup professionally done! Once you get here, we'll have music playing, refreshments prepared, and our fun team of stylists ready to pamper you! We will take turns getting each member of your party into hair, makeup, and helping you narrow down your outfits. During this time, we'll be hanging out, snacking a bit, and enjoying the day together! My studio is cozy and private, so we'll have a great time getting glammed up during your day, and you'll be able to really enjoy your time together. With larger parties, we'll even order some takeout or pizza so you don't have to worry about missing lunch. We'll take care of everything for you!

After we get going during hair and makeup, we'll start rotating you upstairs to our shooting area. Each member of your party will get up to 45 minutes shooting time to make sure we get lots of great shots and options. This part is very much like a solo boudoir session, and each person will get my full attention while we're shooting. Everyone will get individual shots, and we finish with the option of some group shots together to remember your day of fun!

When we finish shooting with everyone, we take a 60-minute break. You can explore downtown Russellville, grab something to eat and a drink, then come back to the studio to view and select your photos. Just like our solo sessions, we do same-day viewing and ordering for our boudoir parties! We'll go through each person's images, help you narrow them down, and walk you through our payment options if need be. This part is super fun and having your friends help pick out your favorite photos is a blast! Everything gets shipped directly to each person, so your out-of-town friends will be able enjoy it as well!

After we're done, you'll be all ready to enjoy your night! You'll be able to go out to dinner or out dancing with your professionally-done hair and makeup and your new-found confidence!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! If you're ready to book, just contact me and we'll get you all set up! So excited to have you in my studio!

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