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Shooting in Small Spaces

Now that the secret is out, I'm excited to announce that my 50+ page comprehensive guide, Shooting in Small Spaces, will be available soon as a handy e-book!

This guide is perfect for the photographer just starting out in a studio space, or any one who is learning to shoot indoors with minimal square footage.
People are always surprised at the magic we make happen in such a small space, and my success doing this is definitely not by accident! I've shared techniques, light diagrams, equipment suggestions, and lots of real-life experience to help you make the most of your studio space!

I'll make an official announcement once it's available for purchase, but you can sign up to get an exclusive early bird notification via text, which will also come with an early bird sale price! To sign up, text SMALLSPACES to (479) 336-8992 or click below!

I've really loved putting this guide together and am excited to share what I've learned along my small-studio journey!

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