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ALP Studio Commercial 2021


Submit below between now and December 22, 11:59pm

Anyone who participates receives $200 package credit towards any boudoir or maternity session (good through December 2021)

A randomly-drawn Grand Prize winner will receive their choice of

- a $200 gift card to Smoky Row Tattoo (Russellville, AR) or

- a fine art portrait session with ALP ($300 value)

How to record your video
  • Set up your camera VERTICALLY (standing up)

    • Sitting it on a window sill or dresser is helpful!

  • Be sure you have plenty of light IN FRONT of you, not behind you

  • Try to be free of background noises (kids, music, etc.)

View a sample video HERE

Tips for an easy, stress-free video
  • Speak like you’re talking to a friend about your experience

  • It’s okay to say “um” and “uh,” as we will edit down. Don’t worry about “messing up.”

  • You can read from a prepared statement or speak off-the-cuff, just make eye contact occasionally if reading from a paper

  • Answer as many of the specific questions that you can and are comfortable answering

View "Interview" Questions Below

Interview Questions

How long did you know about your studio before you booked a session?

What did it feel like when you finally booked?

What was your experience preparing for your session?

    Did you take advantage of your pre-consultation phone call?

    Did you use our Dream Shoot Planner for guidance?

How did you feel when you walked through the door?

What kind of outfits did you wear? 

Did you have any themes?

Did you have specific help deciding what to wear beforehand?

Did you use anything from our in-studio closet?

What was your experience in hair and makeup? (please say “stylist” and not direct names)

    Had you ever had professional styling done before?

    Did you ask for anything in specific?

    Did you enjoy the time spent with your stylist?

    Did you feel like you still looked like yourself?

How was the shooting portion of your session?

    Did you like the posing and facial coaching you received?

    Did you like any images on the back of the camera?

    What was the energy like on-set?

    Did you feel uncomfortable or awkward?

Did you enjoy seeing your photos the same day?

Were you surprised by the outcome of any of your photos?

How did you feel when you saw yourself on the computer screen?

How was the ordering process?

    Did you like ordering with assistance from Amber?

    Was it hard to narrow down the images you were shown?

    Did you feel comfortable talking about editing options?

    What collection did you pick?

    Did you take advantage of a payment plan? (please talk about this experience if so)

    Did you feel there were payment options that fit your needs?

How did you feel leaving the studio?

How did you like your photos when you got them back?

Are there areas of your life that have changed for the better since your session?

How has your confidence shifted, if at all, since your session?

Do you feel that you see yourself in a different way than you did before?

Is there anything you’d tell someone who thinks boudoir won’t work for them?

(Please feel free to add anything else that you’d like to say about your session here)

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