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Amber Lane Photo is a full-service, cozy boudoir and glamour studio located in downtown Russellville Arkansas. We cater to women of all ages and body types and have years of experience. We aim to help each of our clients see themselves confidently as the beautiful and strong women they are right now, in this very moment. Our intimate studio is stress-free - as long as you show up with your outfits, we will take care of everything else!

When you arrive at your session, we will have your favorite music playing, smiles ready, and one of our trusted hair and makeup artists ready to pamper you. We will get your outfits settled, expectations and limitations figured out, and will be ready to show you an amazing time.  We will guide you through several poses that flatter and emphasize your favorite features, and improvise as we are inspired throughout the shoot. We are a small, tight-knit team of positive women who will make sure your experience is the best! Our shooting environment is laid back and cozy, like the best girls' night you've ever attended!

We charge two separate fees for our luxury services: one is our Experience or Session Fee, and the other is your Photo Collection.

Our Boudoir session experiences include the following:

- 30-Minute Pre-Shoot Consultation Call

- Professionally Styled Hair & Makeup

- Use of our Curated Props and Accessories Closet

- Up to 3 Changes

- Expert Posing and Facial Coaching

- Cozy, Downtown Studio Location

-Snacks, Refreshments, and Personalized Gifts

- Access to Optional Premium Sets & Bonuses

-Same-Day Viewing and Ordering Session


Photos are sold separately and Collections start at $999

We offer our boudoir and maternity sessions in three different styles: Classic, Painterly, or our Vintage Starlet set. We occasionally offer special limited-time sets, as well! You can select the style you'd like for your session when you book via our online booking calendar. Have questions or want to reach out? Contact us at our contact form and we'll get you the answers and help you need!


We know you have several options when it comes to your photo session needs, but we are absolutely positive you will get the BEST results and have the BEST experience when you book with our team. Why?

1. We have the BEST hair and makeup artists Russellville has to offer! You can literally roll out of bed and bring your outfits and we will handle the rest for you. Styling services are included in our session fee, so there won't be any hidden charges to make you look your best.

2. Our staff is highly-curated and all-female. We find that this environment results in the most comfortable experience for our mostly-women clientele, and gets us the best photos! We've seen it all and been through it all, so it's a friendly, judgement-free zone with women JUST LIKE YOU who get EXACTLY what you're going through!

3. We have same-day viewing! We take a quick break after our session, then come back to our studio and choose your photos that day. You won't have to wait a week or two to see how your photos turned out - you'll know just how FABULOUS you look THAT DAY!

4. We are a safe, queer-friendly place to shoot! We believe all women are women, including our trans sisters, and we're here to make sure you feel comfortable and heard. We talk about expectations up front and check on you frequently during the shooting process to makes all is well!

5. Our downtown studio, while being easy to find, is completely private. We shoot upstairs, away from passing foot traffic, and we keep our doors locked and privacy signs up during our session. 


6. Our posing coaching is unmatched by anyone else locally! Amber Lane has been working with clients of all shapes and sizes for right around a decade, and we can give you clear, easy directions to make the best of your time with us. There won't be awkward poses or "um, just do something fun." You'll be getting exactly what you need from us to look like a professional model in your photos! 

7. We offer interest-free, in-house payment plans for your photo selection. This means you can afford your favorite photos at an easy, stress-free rate, with our personal guidance the whole way.

8. We believe that ALL bodies are good and worthy of love, and that you don't need to change for that to apply to you!  

This is just the tip of the iceberg - snag your FREE Ultimate Dream Shoot Planner! It's an instant download with of all the information you'll need to have the best session of your life!

Deposit is $250Pre-session payment (layaway) plans are available, as well as Afterpay

Are you a content creator looking for images you can resale? Check out our Safe Werk option!

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