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The Experience


A session with Amber Lane Photo is more than just taking a few photos; it's a revolutionary self-love experience! We provide everything except a good attitude and a pair of underwear, so all you have to do is roll out of bed, wash your face, and let us take care of you!

My clients are often nervous when they come in, but they always leave saying that it was much easier than they had expected, and that's due in large part to our Experience. Here's how it goes:

When you first book your session, you'll receive an email that links to you to your personal Client Portal. It's a kind of checklist that helps make sure you get everything done before you come in. We have a pre-session questionnaire that asks specific, helpful questions to make sure we're on the same page. It helps us understand where you are in your relationship with your body, how you'd like to be portrayed in your images, and what you'd like to get out of time with us. It also helps us to get an idea of your personality and make sure we shoot the right stye for YOU. 

Your Client Portal also walks you through your contracts, selecting a Collection and ways to pay for it, how to book your pre-session consultation call with me, ideas for choosing outfits, and more. It also includes our client-exclusive Body Image Mindset Guide, which is an easy workbook that helps you be prepared for seeing your photos!

Our pre-session consultation call is what really helps get the ball rolling for calming your nerves. We have a casual chat about your timeline for the day, specific ideas for styles or outfits/props you might be interested in, and get to know each other a bit. It's also a chance to ask me any questions or clear up anything you aren't sure about, and we find that our clients feel SO much better after this chat!

When you come in for your session, we greet you at the door and walk you to a comfy couch to get started. We'll finalize your wardrobe choices, as well as your makeup and hair styling with your personal stylist in the room with you. Once you're in hair and makeup, we'll have snacks and refreshments, as well as music playing and great conversation! It's a cozy, relaxed atmosphere, and a very pampering part of the experience.

After your hair and makeup, we get into the shooting portion of the day. I've been shooting portraits for around 15 years now, and will make sure you look your best throughout your time in front of my camera. I'll give you clear, easy to understand directions and gentle posing guidance, and you'll even get to see images on the back of my camera as we're going, so you'll know we're going in the right direction. We help you push your boundaries in a comfortable and safe way, and use posing, lighting, and angles to help you see yourself in a beautiful new way.

Once we're finished, we'll take a quick break and then look at all of your photos together. I'll help you narrow them down to your favorites to fit the Collection you've chosen, and we'll talk specifically about editing and how they'll be presented in your physical products. That means there's NO waiting around to see how you looked during our session; you'll know right away! 

When our clients leave our studio, they leave with a renewed, or newly-found, sense of confidence and self-assurance, which feels like almost a bigger takeaway than the stunning images we get! Our job is not to pump you full of fake compliments, or make you feel like you need to fit into some kind of box, or make you look like anyone else. We just hold up a mirror to you and show you your best self; the you that others see you, as art.


Our fully-catered experience costs $499 and includes everything above, and more, including time spent preparing and cleaning up after your session, time spent editing and ordering products, and more. Photos are not included in the Experience/Session fee, Collections starting at $1000 are purchased separately. 

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