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It's ALWAYS Vampire Season!

Last Summer, we made *ultimate* vampire fantasy come to life for our beloved ALP Team Stylist, Carly! We turned our versatile downtown studio into a vampire's lair, and took some of our favorite photos together since we started working together around five years ago.

Since Carly's birthday is coming up on April 9, we decided to release this special set to the public in her honor! That means that YOU could have your vampire dreams come true, right here at Amber Lane Photo! Because of the complex nature of this set, and because of the VERY low cost, we are only allowing FIVE people to book this special. Here are the details:

This custom experience includes*:

+ A pre-shoot phone consultation

+ Wardrobe & Styling advice

+ Full access to our Client Wardrobe including couture dressing gowns and custom-made accessories

+ Expert posing and guidance throughout your shoot

+ In-studio hair and makeup application

+ A one-hour photoshoot

+ Dark and Moody Vampire Lair themed set

+ Special Classic Vampire themed accessories

+ Tea, champagne, and other refreshments

+ $100 credit towards a premium photo collection

+ Professional retouching of all your final images

+ Same-day viewing and ordering

PLUS, a special bonus of

+ a Personalized Keepsake Deck of Playing Cards ($100 Value)

All of this is usually $499 (an over $1200 value!), but we're offering FIVE of these sessions in the next 12 months for a session fee of only $99!

Not only are we discounting the experience, but we're also offering you $100 back as credit towards the Collection of your choice! Collections start at $999 and we offer several flexible pre-payment plans to fit nearly any budget. Between your experience, your photo collection, and your bonus, that's a savings of $600+! See the full Collection pricing at

We're only offering FIVE sessions at this huge discount, so you can snag yours by:

  1. Visiting and clicking the "Deluxe Boudoir Session" option

  2. Choose a day IN THE NEXT 12 MONTHS from our booking calendar (I recommend before the end of August if you want your images back by spooky season)

  3. Use the code "VAMPIRE" to get your Session Fee AND Collection discounts

  4. Get ready to plan for an amazing day!

I know that taking a leap into a session like this can be a big commitment and feel a bit scary, but I can PROMISE you that we've put together everything you need to make sure you feel prepared. A session with Amber Lane Photo is not just a fun time playing dress up with a few pretty photos at the end; working with our team is a kickstart boost to your self-esteem, and we provide a loving, caring atmosphere to help you develop your confidence. Feeling good about yourself in a genuine and honest way means you can give yourself more authentically to your loved ones, your work, your passion, or anywhere else. We're not giving you fake compliments or canned remarks, we're here to hold up a mirror and help you see what everyone else already sees in you, and that's what sets our studio apart!

We'll be turning this coupon code off as soon as the five spots are gone, or by the end of Carly's birthday on April 9, and a deal like this won't last long, so don't hesitate! We'll walk you through every step of the way and take great care of you! See you soon!

*Session fee DOES NOT include photos. Collections must be purchased separately.

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