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The 2023 Summer Sale!

Why does it seem like 2023 has already lasted for a year in itself? Maybe because we've been SUPER busy at the studio making all of your boudoir and maternity dreams come true!

I know it's been a tough mental year for a lot of us, and we're ready to help you take a break from the every-day and give you a revolutionary photo experience that leaves you feeling re-energized and ready to take on the world!

Here's the short story; to celebrate our Arkansas summer, I've decided to have a spontaneous flash sale! I'll be allowing up to 10 people to book for just $100, and you'll ALSO receive that $100 back as credit towards whichever of our collections you choose!

This is the breakdown:

Every session at my studio comes with:

+ A Pre-Shoot Phone Consultation

+ Wardrobe & Styling Advice + Tea, Snacks, & Special Gifts

+ Full access to our Client Wardrobe (including couture dressing gowns and custom-made accessories)

+ Expert Posing and Guidance

+ Professional Hair & Makeup

+ A One-Hour Photoshoot

+ Up to 3 Outfit Changes

+ Professional Retouching of all your final images

+ Same-Day Viewing & Ordering

+ So much more!!

For this experience, worth well over $1200, I charge $499. This comes with the option to purchase any of our carefully-curated Collections separately, that way you can fit it into a specific budget or get only the photos that you LOVE from your day.

For the NEXT 72 HOURS ONLY, you can use the code "SUMMER23" and receive a coupon that gives you $399 off this price, making it only the $100 for the ENTIRE experience!*

Not only that, but I'll give you that $100 in the form of credit towards the Collection of your choice! ANYTHING you order comes with the corresponding photo as a digital photo and printing rights, so you get beautiful, archival printed products as well as optimized digital downloads. Collections start at $999 and easy, interest-free payment plans are available!

I'm turning off this coupon code at 10am on Saturday, May 20, or when TEN people use it.

To get this discount, just pick a day within the next 18 months from our booking calendar at and use the coupon “SUMMER23” when you book so you get your discount!

We allow for booking 4-18 months out for those who want to take advantage of our prepayment plan, so please book sooner than 4 months if you do not want to split your Collection into payments. While there are a few spots in the coming summer months, we are most open starting in September and October, so this is a great opportunity to plan your dream session!

*Experience (Session) fee and Collection (Photos) are purchased separately

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