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Women's Day Flash Sale!

In honor of International Women's Day, we're running a special sale for ALL of our sessions through March of 2024! This is the PERFECT chance to get started planning your dream session!

We're filling up for 2023 and are excited to get more Gems in our studio for their empowering, personalized luxury photo session experience! Through midnight on Friday, I'll be allowing up to 6 people to book for just $111, and you'll ALSO receive $111 as credit towards whichever of our collections you choose!

This is the Experience breakdown:

Every session at my studio comes with:

+ A Pre-Shoot Phone Consultation

+ Wardrobe & Styling Advice + Tea, Snacks, & Special Gifts

+ Full access to our Client Wardrobe (including couture dressing gowns and custom-made accessories)

+ Expert Posing and Guidance

+ Professional Hair & Makeup

+ A One-Hour Photoshoot

+ Up to 3 Outfit Changes

+ Professional Retouching of all your final images

+ Same-Day Viewing & Ordering

+ So much more!!

For this experience, worth well over $1200, I charge $499. While this experience does not include photos, we work with you to help to purchase any of our carefully-curated Collections separately, that way you can fit it into a specific budget or get only the photos that you LOVE from your day.

For the NEXT 48 HOURS ONLY, you can use the code "WOMENSDAY" and receive a coupon that gives you $388 off this price, making it only the $111 for the ENTIRE experience! All you'll have to do is choose the Collection that works best for you!

Not only that, but I'll give you that $111 in the form of credit towards the Collection of your choice! ANYTHING you order comes with the corresponding photo as a digital photo and printing rights, so you get beautiful, archival printed products as well as optimized digital downloads. Collections start at $999 and easy, interest-free payment plans are available!

I'm turning off this coupon code at Midnight on Friday, March 10, or when SIX people use it.

To get this discount, just pick a day within the next 12 months from our booking calendar at and use the coupon “WOMENSDAY” when you book so you get your discount! You can choose our classic boudoir or maternity, couples boudoir or maternity, our signature Painterly style, or our special Vintage Starlet set.

We allow for booking 4-12 months out for those who want to take advantage of our prepayment plan, so please book sooner than 4 months if you'd rather pay all at once the day of your session! We are booking as early as January and February of 2024, so this is a great opportunity to plan your dream session!

*This sale is for International Women's Day, but any gender expression is welcome to book our boudoir and maternity services! We always talk about expectations and how you'd like to present before your session and are here to make you feel your best about yourself, no matter your gender.

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